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The good news, the technical progress is on our side. Standardization is the foundation of all styles’ requirements. Therefore, the task of making the right “string” for any source can be automated.

The InTextCitation has developed a handy, powerful solution that resolves all the citations troubles. It is simple. You name the source and enter the information about it. The generator turns it into a fully-formatted string for the bibliography and in-text citations.

Interested? Let us tell you more about it.

Why using the citation machine generator is the right solution

An automated citation maker does its job by removing the tiresome routine of manual compiling the long strings for each reference. However, it is not its advantage. The tool becomes even more helpful because it removes the possibility of mistakes in those errors. 

  1. Citations with the correct formatting are necessary for any academic work. Even creative writing pieces demand them if you refer to another source in your text. One more problem is that incorrectly formatted citations are sometimes treated as absent citations. Hence, the plagiarism problem arises where no one expected it. 
  2. When you refer to another researcher, you validate your conclusions and ideas to contribute to the bigger research. You also give credits to the original. However, there is one more purpose. It is to help your readers find the resource you’ve mentioned. All the frightening demands of formatting come from this necessity.
  3. The reference defines the exact source where the reader can find the information. The issue is, there are different sources in many formats. We live in a digital era, and researchers use lots of means in addition to the “traditional” books and journals. There are Reddit, social media, YouTube videos, etc. Each source is unique. The reader needs to know each particular source’s details to find it and read the original information, no matter what its type is. 
  4. There are citation rules for each source. They dictate the required elements for each sequence, their order, and usage of punctuation marks. Remembering them all is overwhelming, and you’d hardly find a person who knows them all by heart. Usually, people keep the guidelines for each style, make templates for themselves, and follow them. 
  5. The citation machine generator has all those guidelines too. Moreover, its databases aren’t limited to the most common APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. There are many other guidelines. They might be rare, but you might have to format the bibliography in that style. The machine formats your references according to that style automatically. All you need is to select the style. 
  6. The formatting styles authors update the guidelines regularly. In many cases, it makes a problem. If you aren’t aware of the new regulations and changes in the style guidelines, you may follow obsolete patterns. Thus, the citations will be incorrect. You have to check if the new version of the style guide is available and how it differs from the previous edition.

The InTextCitation tracks all these guidelines and updates the citation making machine immediately. When it generates correct references for your paper, it always makes them by the latest guideline version.

The citation tool builds correct references for any source and any recognized academic style. Students often use the standard resources like books and journals because they aren’t sure how to format other types. Reddit posts, twits, Facebook posts, and videos are valuable sources of the digital era. 

The risk of incorrect formatting stops the students from using those resources. However, an automated generator of references does not make mistakes. It has the patterns and puts each element in the right form to the right place.  

The free citation generator developed by the InTextCitation is the most intuitive service

The several elementary steps to get a perfect citation for your paper: 

  • define the formatting style in the generator. There are the most common types and an additional list of rarer ones;  
  • define the source type. Here you can introduce any source, printed or digital – books, websites, videos, social media, etc.;
  • fill in the required fields with the data. The citation tool needs the titles, URLs, DOI, or other identifying details;
  • click the button to generate the citation, and copy the ready sequence to put it into the bibliography. 

Even this automated solution indeed requires you to contribute. You need to collect the credentials for each resource and enter them into the generator. But you write those data down in freeform and don’t worry about the elements’ order and formatting. The machine builds that string itself, and all periods, commas, parentheses, or italicized blocks will have their right places.

Using the free citation machine for making a full bibliography list

As we already mentioned, the bibliography section is a significant part of any academic paper. The more substantial your paper is, the larger this section becomes. 4-5 sources can be enough for a college essay, and you’d still find the automated citation generators useful for saving time. If you deal with a dissertation, the machine’s help might become a life ring. 

Decent research for a Ph.D. dissertation often takes several years. It always requires making a literature overview in regards to the problem. Thus, you have to work dozens of sources out in the beginning. Then, you will need more and more sources in the process of your personal investigation, as your concepts will need authoritative support. As a result, the list of references for a thesis may include hundreds of resources. 

The InTextCitation free citation maker will provide you with a correct reference for each source. However, the task is not over there. The bibliography section is not just a list of citations. It is a regulated section with strict requirements to the order of such references. Of course, these requirements are different in each style. 

APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE, ASA, and all other styles regulate each aspect of the bibliography part: 

  • The name of the section. According to the MLA style, you have to name it as “Works Cited.” The APA style calls it “References.” The Chicago style requires the “Bibliography” title. An incorrect name is a huge error.  
  • The title formatting. Each style determines where you must locate the section title and how to format it (capitalized, non-capitalized, bold, etc.).
  • The order of references. Some styles demand chronological order. Others require an alphabetical order or the order of appearance of references in the text. There are specific rules for different works of one author or multi-authored works. 
  • The methods of separating titles from each other. There are indents, “hanging lines,” etc. 

The good news is that all these standard requirements are also in our citations’ generator algorithms. There is a separate service allowing you to receive the entire bibliography list of all your sources. 

First, you receive a precisely generated reference for each of the resources used for your paper. Then, you compile a list of these references, and the InTextCitation system will organize it according to the chosen style. It will put all elements in the right order and take care of the indents. You can export this ready list of references in the necessary file format.

How will the citation generator help me with in-text references?

Making a bibliography list is a part of the work. You list all the informational resources which you consulted in a separate section. Also, you must mark each reference in the paper. Whether you quote directly or paraphrase, or mention some fact or statement, you need to format the reference.

The in-text citations have simpler formats. You don’t have to provide a long sequence with a complicated syntax every time you mention other sources. Still, there must be a standard shortened form that points to the particular source in your bibliography.

These requirements bring enough pain to every researcher. Luckily, the citation generator helps to overcome them. The tool developed by InTextCitation creates accurate in-text citations too. You only need to select this citation type and define the style. Our service will accept your data and issue a fully-formatted sequence that you only need to copy and then paste it into the paper. 

Your academic style might require parentheses or brackets, quotes, or other means. These demands are present in the guidelines on style. You don’t need any specific knowledge – just the name of the style and citation type.

The best citation generator is a tool allowing you to focus on the research and its results instead of checking and rechecking each citation several times. Of course, it is you who defines the quote’s location in the text. From our side, we make sure that the citation will be accurate and match the academic style regulations in every symbol. 

Additional features of the InTextCitation citation machine

Modern digital technologies ensure an excellent tool’s functionality. The bibliography and in-text citation maker will include lots of options. There is more than only turning your “raw” input data into a reference with the correct syntax:

  1. Use the InTextCitation quote generator to scan the barcodes of books and journals instead of manually writing their details. The solution will find this particular issue in the database and pick all its details for you.
  2. Make projects for every paper to keep and organize its citations and do other paper-related tasks. Distinguish between the in-text references and bibliographies, check their correctness, insert them directly into the text, and scan the paper for plagiarism.
  3. Turn the source webpage into the citation from the browser. It is the most practical option when you do researches online. The citing generator will retrieve all the necessary information about that digital object itself.
  4. Make notes for each project. You don’t need to keep them in many separate files. All the information related to your project is in one place, safe and convenient.

Make use of in-text citation generator and get rid of stress 

Citations are an unavoidable part of preparing any research paper. It is a laborious and tiresome job if you do it manually. It demands that you focus on it completely. Making and checking your references may take more time and energy than writing the entire text.

Thankfully, there is no need to spend hours counting the commas, brackets, and quote marks. You don’t have to check each capital or low-case letter or digits and symbols in DOI. The latest digital citation generators do this job for you and remove any possibility of an error.

Of course, even the most advanced technology can’t do everything. You’ll still have to decide which sources to use and note the information about them and every citation’s location. What the InTextCitation can help you with is to remove the lion’s share of that routine work.

  • The generator of citations helps you to collect the information about each source by scanning the barcode. 
  • The service retrieves the information about the digital objects to get the necessary details faster. 
  • It provides a simpler and intuitive interface to configure each project’s settings. 
  • You only need to input the source data for the reference generator to convert them into the correct sequence. 
  • You get both the in-text citations with correct formatting and the full “strings” for the references list.
  • And the system provides lots of additional options to make your work on the paper more comfortable. 

If you seek to automate the routine, you can start it with the InTextCitation generator of citations right now. Create a free account and access the most robust functionality of the service! 

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