Essentials APA Book in Text Citation and Helpful Solutions

Arranging entire compliance with all formal demands takes lots of time and precious effort. But, that is still a fruitful thing that enables researchers to communicate effectively through their writing works. Each area of study and research has distinct formatting standards and approaches. APA is among the recognized ones for sure. This manual represents a complex of demands covering a variety of possible info sources starting from books and finishing with social media posts. This article is placed to present the APA book in text citation rules and samples as well. Helpful solutions that facilitate life are introduced as well. Basics will go first.

Brief Starting Comments about What Is the APA Citation for a Book?

The APA standard has been created and implemented by the American Psychological Association (the APA). It already has many editions and is applied for writing works in Social Studies, including Psychology and Anthropology.

The principal objective of this considered style is to facilitate the focus of readers on the ideas that have been introduced in certain content preferred to formatting. So, all things are made easy within this approach. Another objective to accomplish is the quick identification of core findings, conclusions, and sources that support such in a concrete text. APA formatting approach facilitates logical organization and consistency of a text where this formatting approach is applied. To be more precise on the matter, it is surely better to review a general APA book citation example first and move to review more specific cases depending on the resource they cite.

General Sample on How to Cite a Book APA in Text Citation

Basically, APA citation for a book is straightforward and simple-to-apply. It requires not so many particulars to complete writing arrangements. Namely, these are must-have credentials for the APA format citation book:

  • surname and initials of an author(s);
  • year of target publication (introduced in round brackets);
  • title of a target publication (italicized);
  • initials and the surname of an editor or translator with remarks “Ed.” or “Trans.” respectively;
  • title of a publisher.

Here is how the APA format book citation example appears in the reference list:

Jacobs, F.L. (2022). Core Aspects of Effective Psychological Support. Modern Publishing House.

APA style book citation may also contain the reference to the number of editions a target source may have. In-text citation according to the APA format requires indicating in round brackets these details:

  • surname(s) of an author(s);
  • year of target publication;
  • page(s) cited (optional).

So, in-text APA style book citation example will appear in this form respectively:

(Jacobs, 2022, p.34)

What to Do with APA Book Citation no Author?

There are several cases here. A targeted work can have no author but it still can have an editor. In this case, APA book citation no author but with an editor will appear in this form:

  • surname of an editor;
  • year of publication (in round brackets);
  • title of a target publication (italicized);
  • title of publisher.

If the target source subject to formalization lacks even an editor, the title of this source opens this reference:

  • title of a target source (italicized);
  • year of publication (in round brackets);
  • title of a publisher.

Here is how the APA example citation book no author should appear respectively:

True Stories of Courage (2022).  Clear Publishing House.

In-text citation should appear in round rackets with the name of a target source and the year of its publication), like in this sample:

(True Stories of Courage, 2022).

What if a Target APA Citation Book with Multiple Authors?

The approach to arranging an APA citation book with multiple authors differs depending on the number of authors in this target publication. If we speak about two authors only, they both are indicated according to the general logic of the considered approach. The set of details is subsequent meanwhile:

  • surname and initials of each author with an ampersand between such;
  • year of publication (introduced in round brackets);
  • title of a target publication (italicized);
  • title of a publisher;
  • URL or DOI (if applicable).

For in-text citation, the pattern gets the subsequent form:

(surname of the 1st Author & surname of the 2nd Author, year of target publication)

An example of APA citation for a book with two authors will appear in this form:

Smith, K.L. & Johns, L.J. (2022). New Highlights in Humanitarian Law. Modern Online Library.

If the target resource has 3+ authors, only the 1st should be introduced and the rest of the writers substitute “et al.”. The remaining details about citation are left unchanged.

What if You Need APA Citation in Text Book Chapter Only?

Citing a separate chapter in a book is generally based on the APA text book citation example but with adding extra details appropriate to the case:

  • surname and initials of a writer;
  • year of publication (introduced in round brackets);
  • title of a target chapter cited;
  • “in” title of a target book (italicized);
  • title of a publisher.

The APA citation for chapter in a book may also end with a URL or DOI if the case is about an online placement. APA citation in text book chapter is made according to the general template in this case – (the name of an author, year of publication)

How to Accomplish It Right? APA Citation Online Book

Plenty of info resources are not printed nowadays but are placed online. This adds credits to the accessibility of such resources but does not cancel the necessity of citing those properly. If you require to arrange APA e book citation, a simple list and order for the particulars of a concrete e-resource you wish to cite exist:

  • surname and initials of an author;
  • year of target publication (introduced in round brackets);
  • title of a target book (italicized);
  • title of a publisher;
  • URL or DOI of a  website where a target web resource is placed can be assessed or purchased. 

A sample of APA citation online book appears in this form consequently:

Simons, K.L. (2022). New Horizons in Humanitarian Studies. Modern Online Library

APA in text citation for online book will appear in the subsequent form – (Simons, 2022). At the same time, pages or paragraphs used can be added after the year in APA in-text citations for e-books. So, an approximate target APA citation for online book will look in this manner – (Simons, 2022, p.56).

Another Distinct Case – APA Edited Book Citation Example

Having an edited book to cite at stake is not a complicated case as it may appear to be at first glance – appropriate remarks are required only. The basic structure and logic, in this case, are subsequent:

  • surname and initials of an editor (Ed.);
  • year of target publication (introduced in round brackets);
  • title of a target work (italicized);
  • publisher title;
  • URL/DOI (if applicable).

Here is how APA edited book citation example should appear in target content:

Johns, K.L. (Ed.). (2022). Essentials for Effective Cultural Analysis. Los Angeles Publishing House. 

If we consider in-text citations, such should be introduced in the next form – (surname of an editor, year of target publication).

Sample of in-text citation for an edited book has to be introduced in the next form respectively – (Jonhs, 2022).

Helpful Option to Save Time – APA Book Citation Generator

Arranging all citations properly takes lots of time and needs a great portion of patience. It is a widespread case when certain peculiarities attributed to the considered approach are omitted, unfortunately. Preventing this drawback is possible and it is ensured in plenty of cases thanks to the APA book citation generator. This irreplaceable tool ensures the ease of arranging all references and citations. But, it also prevents missing important details. 

This APA book citation maker operates in line with the predefined algorithms. A user needs only to insert compulsory details about a target source cited and the machine will do the rest of the formatting things instead. Applying this tool is also a secure option to prevent any type of plagiarism. 

How to utilize the tool?

  • pick respective standard;
  • select a source type the tool has to work with;
  • indicate all details requested by the tool;
  • pick whether you prefer automatic citation or need some edits to do manually (the last option is more preferable one);
  • get your ready citations and check whether you like those.

Automatization brings more ease to life and less stress, of course. Apply APA book citation generator to make your life easier too.