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Essentials of AMA Book Citation and Helpful Solutions

As a student or researcher, you could face the need to write on a specific matter. Your findings and conclusions should be based, in any case, on the appropriate sources. But, using such sources is not enough. It is also necessary to formalize them well to prevent any possible types of plagiarism and make a research work compliant with the generally-accepted standards of writing. If we speak about the medical sphere, AMA book citation has to be applied to formalize all sources indicated in your writing work.

In Few Words: What Is AMA Book Citation?

AMA citation approach has been created and applied by the American Medical Association. The considered standard is applied in such areas as Medicine and Nursing. If you require to place the information from other sources, statistics, online sources, and other info related to your research on any medical-related matter, this standard is a must-have one to follow. AMA citation book is usually made in the end of a sentence. But, it may also appear somewhere in the middle after a quote. In any case, AMA citation has to be placed in a spot where a certain resource contributes to the author’s research and writing work. The next part of the review is a basic AMA book citation example and lots of its variations.

In the case of the AMA standard, there is one important peculiarity. It is entirely based on superscript application with Arabic numerals indicated. A review needs to click the respective number nearby the respective citation to be redirected to the entire reference. Yes, in-text citations and corresponding items in the reference list are interrelated. Alphabetic order has zero meaning in this case.

Basic Rules: How to AMA Citation Book?

AMA style book citation is generally straightforward with minor peculiarities that have to be considered in each considered case. A book citation for AMA format should comprise the set of required details, like these ones:

  • surname and initials of an author;
  • title of a target source;
  • place of publishing;
  • title of publisher;
  • year of target publication; 
  • pages cited (optional).

AMA format citation citing book in text is made in the simplest form possible:

Smith and Jones2 consider the treatment to be effective subject to the next conditions….

And here is how the AMA citation format example book appears in the form of a reference in the appropriate list:

Jones L, Smith K. Digital Tools Effective for Medical Services Quality Assurance and Promotion. Los Angeles: Medical Publishing House; 2022.

If a source has 6 and more authors, the first three authors should be mentioned according to the indicated rules but add “et al.” after the third one. 

A separate remark should be made about the AMA citation book page. This is another distinct peculiarity of this style – indicating a page is not required unless your professor requires it. AMA citation book only one page doesn’t need any indication too. Ask your professor about this matter beforehand and request concrete instructions on how to do this.

How to Reference a Book AMA Citation for a Separate Chapter?

AMA book chapter citation is arranged with the common logic of citation in line with the format requirements but with minor details added. Any AMA citation chapter in book should comprise the subsequent details:

  • surname(s) and initials of an author(s);
  • title of a chapter;
  • title of a target source in which this chapter appears;
  • number of an edition;
  • title of a publisher;
  • year of a target publication;
  • page(s).
  • The last item in this list is optional.

AMA Citation Online Book: How to Arrange Right?

AMA citation online book approach is generally based on a standard pattern with few details introduced. The logic of the AMA citation e-book is subsequent:

  • an author’s last name and initials;
  • a target book title (italicized);
  • number of an edition (if more than one is available);
  • place of target publication;
  • a publisher’s title;
  • target publication year;
  • URL;
  • date of access (indicated in the month, day, year format).

Sample for quick reference:

Johns KL, Jameson HK, eds. Safe and Secure Personal Data Procession in Medicine. Los Angeles: Medical Information Agency House; 2022. Accessed: May 18, 2022.

What to Do with AMA Citation Book no Author?

Sometimes a source may lack important information, like the author’s particulars. In this case, AMA citation book no author should be arranged in this way:

  • title of target source (italicized);
  • place of publication;
  • title of a publisher;
  • year of publication. 

All things remain the same in general; only the part with the author’s details is skipped in this case.

What if You Need an AMA Citation Edited Book?

When speaking about the AMA citation edited book, the scope and order of introducing the essentials of a target source are the next ones:

  • last name and initials of an editor with “ed(s).” after such;
  • title of a target book (italicized);
  • number of an edition (where more than one is available);
  • place of publication;
  • title of a publisher;
  • year of target publication.

Sample of edited book reference:

Johns K., Reynolds. K., eds. Medical Examination: Modern Approaches. Los Angeles: Modern Publications; 2022.

Helpful Tool at Hand: AMA Book Citation Generator

If you need to make the process of arranging the information about used medical sources during your research and writing, apply the AMA book citation generator for this purpose. This is an effective tool that enables accurate and quick citations, fast access and operation, no charges, and lots of time saved.  Apply this tool to make your writing endeavor less stressful and more effective.