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AMA Website Citation: Guidelines and Specifics

The biggest part of academic assignments has strict requirements and assigned formats. You cannot organize your paper due to an assigned writing format without learning current instructions. The AMA website citation style also has lots of peculiarities and strict requirements. To write flawlessly a reference list, you should check the latest editions of the writing guidelines. It takes time but helps to quote materials accurately.

For those who want to skip the boring part, the advanced online generator is available. You can manage the tool and get the completed references at once. It does not require any technical skills to learn. You simply insert the URL address and get the needed written reference. There are many source types and formats for students to figure out.

If you mention the online materials and information from web platforms, learn the relevant guides. If you want to get an automatically generated reference list, use the online generator. For other purposes, make sure to check the latest manuals and the facts presented in this article.

What Is the Website AMA Citation Routine

Every big assignment requires a list of references or a complete bibliography. In fact, even small tasks call for a list of sources and proper quotes. All information used in your work must be mentioned and quoted properly. You should write only original documents due to an assigned format. The mistakes with AMA citation for website can lead to plagiarism charges. With plagiarism issues, you will never write and submit a perfect educational project. Therefore, the correct citations and format must be ensured.

The standard structure for a quotation:

  • writer’s Surname Writer’s Initial; 
  • heading; 
  • available at: the full URL address; 
  • date of Release; 
  • assessed at date.

This particular style does not require quotation marks for headings. The title of the online source or article is outlined as usual. The different elements of the written citation are divided by periods.

The AMA website citation example for students:

Hall W. Survival Strategies in a Hostile Environment. Available at: Published in September 1980. Assessed in April 2018.

How to Write Citation for A Website in AMA

The standard set of rules is applied during the formatting process. There are defined elements you should write down in a reference. The AMA citation format for website requires the usual elements to write down. The uncommon part is an accessed date format. The date or release is provided after the URL address.

AMA format citation example website:

Ted Jackson. Strategic Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing, Creating, & Deploying Your Strategy. ClearPoint Strategy. Accessed on June 16. 2020.

This is an illustration of an AMA style citation website without a date of publication. You can lack such information if the web platform does not write it down. Just skip the details, and proceed with writing down the date of assessment.

Check every available AMA style website citation example. It can help proceed with the quotes faster.

Certain online sources can be provided by corporations or firms. Thus, you must write them down as writers. Sometimes, it is proper to write down the title of the web platform as the first entry.

Orthopedic Physicians Alaska. Hockey Injury Prevention. Published 2018. Accessed November 24, 2019.

AMA Citation Website No Author Rules

If you have no mentioned writer, skip this part, and start with writing down the heading of the page/article. On the AMA citation website no author lacks only a writer’s name. The other information must be provided.

AMA citation example website with no author:

National Data Strategy. Published on December 9, 2020. Assessed November 1, 2020.

AMA Website Citation More Than One Author

Not every web platform states the writer’s name. If the name is not registered, you skip to write it. When you have a few writers, list them standardly. Use the name and initials provided by the web platform that offers the material. Next, write down the offered heading. The name of the site must be the following. Insert it as it is presented online. The URL address must be fitted fully.

On the AMA website citation more than one author, you should list the few writers who wrote the piece. The other elements are unchangeable.

AMA Website Citation Generator

Various online materials are reachable for quoting in educational papers. Numerous posts on social networks, comments, and other materials are free to use. It covers the popular posts on the most known networks like Twitter or Facebook. The work with website comments or online notes can be a part of your project accomplishment routine. The different written pieces and format varieties can add to a research value. If your project format entails a certain text to be included, learn to mention it correctly.

For instant results, use the advanced AMA website citation generator. The latest automated tools operate with remarkable speed. There is no need to be a guru in modern software maintenance to use it. Insert the URL address, outline the needed part, and get a ready reference. You succeed if you select the latest AMA website citation maker. It helps perform every assignment twice faster. Also, you can forget about memorizing various instructions, wanted format details, and guides for good.


The best result is guaranteed if you use the latest software and tools. Choose the up-to-date citation generator, and your task will be done automatically. In other cases, you may need to learn tons of manuals, format details, and writing guidelines. The proper quote calls for an accurate format, structure and the right order of elements. Besides, a strong focus is needed to make no mistakes in your paper. Such a job can be quite routine and tiresome. To ease your nerves and conscience, use the latest tools to get a correct and properly arranged reference list or, if necessary, a bibliography. You always get the most convenient programs to operate on our advanced online platform.