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Students deal with various writing assignments all the time. When it comes to different essay types, you can create content from scratch because most essay topics are based on you and your personal experience. But you definitely can’t apply the same strategy when it comes to research papers, lab reports, term papers, dissertations, etc. When you work on such documents, you use the accomplishment of different researchers over years and put your own contribution as well.

The modern world is pretty digital and therefore it is absolutely not surprising that a lot of students look for information online. However, even when you look for interesting and helpful articles on websites, you’re required to give credit and follow the IEEE citation website requirements. Otherwise, your paper will not be evaluated and published. Or, what is even worse, it might be considered plagiarism which is really very bad for your academic reputation and career.

The good news is that we know how to help you!

The Main Features of IEEE Citation for Website That You Should Know About

The IEEE abbreviation stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. So, if you study these majors, you need to follow the requirements of this professional organization. They can be applied to publishing conference proceedings, magazines, and journals, so your content needs to be standardized.

When should you use IEEE citation for website? Each time when you use facts or figures that are known by everyone or nearly everyone. You should credit the ideas that belong to other people because they helped you to come up with your own ideas and concepts.

To be honest, most students hate this part of the writing process. It is absolutely not about creativity, and it requires you to be very attentive and double-check your draft with a keen eye. That’s why we want to provide you with the basic information about the IEEE citation online website and show you the advantages of our smart generator!

How to cite an article from a website in IEEE citation format

What should you use in your IEEE citation for website article?

  • reference number (#) which should match the citation number in your text;
  • initials and the last name of the author (if provided);
  • the italicized page title of the article with double quotation marks. It is necessary to capitalize all the important words (such words as “on”, “in”, ”and”, etc. should not be capitalized).
  • website title.
  • web address.
  • accessed date.

If you pay attention to some IEEE website citation example, you can mention that this style can be referred to as the “down” style as it spares the use of capitalization. Our generator takes all the instructions into the account so that you receive a perfect final draft.

How to Cite a Government Website in IEEE Citation

When you use IEEE citation for government website article, you should follow this template:

  • the initial of the author;
  • the surname of the author;
  • ‘title’;
  • publisher;
  • city;
  • year published. 

As your author is the government, you just replace the initial and surname. There is also no need to indicate the city because the country has been already indicated. So, it will be as follows: Canadian government, ‘Article title’, 1984.

How to Use IEEE Citation Website No Author?

Here is an example of how you should use the IEEE citation website no author:

“Article Title With Capitalization of Important Words.” [Online]. Available: http://www. (accessed: May. 15, 2013)

What Should I Do with IEEE Citation Website No Author No Date?

Don’t worry if some information is missed. You can just omit it according to the IEEE citation website no author no date requirements. There is no need to replace it.

IEEE Citation Website Date – The Main Info

If the IEEE citation website date of publication is available, you can add it. In our IEEE citation example website, it will look this way:

“Article Title With Capitalization of Important Words.” January 3, 2009. [Online]. Available: http://www. (accessed: May 15, 2013)

IEEE Website Citation Generator for Your Academic Success

Our IEEE website citation generator is built based on the latest official requirements, so you don’t need to read the guidelines again and again. You’ll never forget about details since the tool is automated. So, just provide us with a link, and we’ll do the rest in a couple of minutes!