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No one can disagree that school and college studying is time dealing with numerous types of writing and various papers. Well, so what does it exactly mean? It is all about the fact that students and pupils should know lots of details of managing with writing and various formats and styles of citations. What’s more, in-text citation Chicago style is in wide use nowadays, so there is a great need to know how to deal with it so as not to fail your paper.

First, it should be mentioned that this style is appropriate not only for students and those who make various researches but also for writers and all people connected to the process of creating different papers. In-text citation Chicago is usually associated with two systems for documents: the first one is required for working with the list of literature as well as various foot and endnotes. For sure choosing this or that style directly depends on the subject and topic you are dealing with, that’s why it is a good idea to go through the description of this format below to be on the safe side and be aware of its peculiarities.

Chicago Manual Citation Process

The Chicago Manual Style is a set of guidelines designed to assist scholars and researchers in source citing. At present, we use its 16th edition. This style allows us using two types of references: 

  • Notes and Bibliography;
  • Author-Date.

The Author-Date method implies the usage of parenthetical citations in the text. You only provide the last name of the author and publication date. Such parenthetical citations are linked to a Reference page at the end of a paper. In general, it is very similar to an APA formatting style.

When using NB, we insert numbered notes in the text. By doing so, you can direct a reader to short citations on the page bottom that correspond to full citations provided within Bibliography. Similar principles are used for citing, though formatting looks different comparing to the Author-Date approach.

Before you start working on a paper, ask your professor which method is preferred in your school or organization. In this article, we will explore the Notes and Bibliography approach.

General Chicago Style Guidelines

  • double-space your text, with the exception of block quotes, table titles, figure captions, or bibliography entries;
  • prose quotes that consist of more than 5 lines should be formatted as block quotes;
  • according to the manual, more than two lines of poetry should also be blocked;
  • if you insert block quotes, do not use quotation marks;
  • always put block quotes on a new line;
  • use indentation when inserting block quotes;
  • put page numbers in the page header using Arabic numbers;
  • for longer papers, it is recommended to use subheadings;
  • pay attention to your paper’s consistency.

Usefulness of Chicago In-Text Citation Generator

Getting down to work with the styles like Chicago, it is a great idea to get to know its peculiarities and history in general. As for this style itself, it was established at the very end of the nineteenth century at the time of the opening of the University of Chicago Press.  Thus over the years and centuries, it was developed and changed, and now we are dealing with the seventeenth edition of Chicago style citation in-text.

Still, when it was the start of the use of this style, it was all about humanities and subjects that are not connected to technical things. For instance, it was used in literature, art, and others. If to be specific, Chicago in-textcitation was supposed to deal with some kinds of notes as well as a bibliography. Such things ease the providing of information and details about sources of gathered data.

Then the time came to science. In this case, we are talking about citations with the use of authors and dates. Such a format is appropriate for various sciences, both natural and physical. So researchers or students, regardless of their major, can choose this format for their works. Coming closer to the formatting itself, it should be mentioned that there is a need to include here data about the author that is a surname. This is followed by the information about the publication and the date of it.

It does not matter whether you require the first citation or the second one; it is worth using a useful Chicago citation generator to ease your writing and make it look great.

Chicago Style Citation Generator While Dealing With Notes

While all students would like their works to be perfect—written, there is always an opportunity to use Chicago in-text citation generator, allowing them to receive the desired result. Still, it is necessary to know the rules and requirements of those how the citations should be formatted. Get acquainted with them to make sure your paper has all the suitable things.

While your task is to organize the paper following Chicago style in-text citation, don’t forget that you can prepare not only a bibliography using it but also various notes. So here, it is important to devote time to discussing both footnotes as well as endnotes.

How about footnotes

Remember that mentioning the source of data could look in various ways. Thus it is widely-used to include some footnotes in writing. So you might ask, how to do it? The plan of action is the following:

  1. First of all, a bit above the words you are taking, put a number, following one by one in the whole article. That means you are not supposed to start counting from the very beginning in case the chapter is finished.
  2. Remember that the index (that is the number itself) should go after a comma or full stop, don’t fail to do it in another way. 
  3. Preparing a footnote, remember about the author with the name and surname as well as information about the material you are taking things from.
  4. There is a need to keep in mind that every citation that follows Chicago in-text citation is supposed to have a logical ending that is a full stop.

As you can see, it is nothing too complicated, but the preparation of correct citations requires time and some knowledge in this field. That’s why, each time you have some difficulties with it, you can use Chicago in a text citation generator and get results in just a moment.

Working with a shorted note

While most people used to mention full data about the author and the source, there is a shorter option. So what points here should be followed?

  • Regardless, it is a full or short form of a footnote, and it must be clear, containing all required information. This means with the use of the footnote, the reader can easily find the mentioned source at the end of your work.
  • Logically, it should have the surname of the author together with the name of the source itself.
  • In case there is more than one author of the work you are talking about, it is a good option to write all of them for the first time. But next time you can start only with one of them. You can always use a Chicago-style citation maker to see how it is done.

Moving to endnotes

Are you having too many sources in your document? Then it is time to use endnotes. Are you familiar with how to do it?

Well, it is pretty easy, and this thing is available right here if you use Chicago in-text citation generator. So coming to the rule of how to format them, everything is quite easy. Thus you are supposed to include endnotes directly at the very end of the chapter or, in some cases, at the end of the paper. This depends on one factor, and as a rule, it is all about the volume of your writing.  But for sure, all notes should be marked with a number. Pay attention. Each following note has a number next to the previous one. It is a use of the Chicago manual of style citation generator to clear up the things and ensure your notes are perfect. So each time you are not totally sure about them, consult it.

Dealing with Bibliography and Authors and Chicago Citation Maker

While your paper could contain foot or endnotes, don’t forget about the list of the sources. Logically, there is no need to say again about the thing your bibliography should have appropriate formatting. So how about getting acquainted with how to deal with it?

Well, if you use the Chicago-style citation generator, you should see that the data about the publication and the author is taken into parentheses. So what exactly should be mentioned there?

You need to write the following things:

  • Surname of the person;
  • The exact year of publication of materials;
  • The page (its number).

Examples of How to Use Chicago In-Text Citation

After you are fully aware of how everything works with this style, you are ready to create a document. To ease the process of writing, you can always turn to Chicago citation maker, where a required sentence will be ready as soon as possible. Apart from it, don’t fail to go through appropriate examples to see how this style works.


  • Full version: Marharyta Rign, The Big Tames (Lublin: New Publications, 2019), 209-240.
  • Shortened version: Rign, The Big Tames, 209.
  • Full version: Dan Landmap, Fairy tail and Man (Warsaw: Big Topic, 2001), 19-21.
  • Shortened version: Landmap, Fairy tail, and Man, 19.

Try citation generator Chicago to get the result as provided below.

Authors and dates

  • Without direct quote: As it was widely discussed by many authors of that time, Fraud (1917) supposed that..
  • Quote and page: In one of his researches, Fraud (1917, 87) found that “both habits and style of life have influence on mental health.”

Don’t forget that there is always the possibility for you to use the Chicago citation maker, saving your time with writing and all that formatting. It is in that case you can trust the task to the professional system getting the best possible result.