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Essentials of MLA in Text Citation Book Rules

A manual created and implemented by the Modern Language Association is among the most widely used. It covers a true variety of formal aspects adhering to is required while creating new content. But, missing some important demands to follow has proven to be a widespread case. In this article, a reviewer will reveal the info about the core aspects of the MLA approach and helpful tools to prevent possible incompliance. Covering MLA in-text citation book demands is not as frightening as it may appear at first glance. Essentials will go first.

Starting Points in Brief: What Is an MLA Citation for a Book?

MLA approach is designated to arrange different content: papers, presentations, classroom materials, etc. If we speak about target areas where the approach is applied, these are humanities, arts, languages, and cultural studies. 

This approach to formalizing content is associated with a variety of aspects to cover:

  • general aspects to format content;
  • arranging headers;
  • right numbers in content, including pages;
  • quotations essentials;
  • rules for inserting abbreviations;
  • paraphrases rules;
  • introducing tables, images, and other variations of content;
  • arranging lists correctly;
  • structure and formalization of citations;
  • covering the core aspects of editing and proofreading.

MLA book citation strategy applies parenthetical citations. So, the info relevant to a target resource is introduced into content in parentheses. The easiest way to apply the considered strategy is to introduce the respective info in the conclusion of a sentence. But, inserting parenthetical citations in the rest of the spots in a sentence is acceptable also. The single point is to introduce the considered citation so it could be relevant to the context. From theory to practice – let’s review MLA in text citation book example.

Basic Details on How to Do MLA Citation for a Book

MLA book citation format requires a certain scope of details to be introduced for arranging proper citations, these must-have ones:

  • surname and given name of a writer;
  • title of a target resource;
  • title of a publisher;
  • year of publication.

Depending on a specific resource, each type may also introduce one of these particulars:

  • URL and database titles;
  • title of e-book device;
  • given name and surname of an editor;
  • given name and surname of the translator;
  • title of a chapter;
  • page numbers;
  • volume number.

MLA format book citation example is introduced in this way in content:

Johns, Paul. The Basics of Cultural Analysis. Los Angeles: New Publishing House, 2022.

How to Arrange MLA Citation Chapter in a Book?

The pattern of MLA citation chapter in a book is based on the subsequent information:

  • surname and given name of an author;
  • title of a chapter;
  • title of a target book;
  • given name and surname of an editor;
  • title of a publisher;
  • date;
  • pages where the target chapter is introduced in a book.

If you need to arrange an MLA citation chapter in edited book, the pattern is generally the same, but you have to add «edited by (name of an editor)» just after the title of a book.

Example of reference:

Johns, Hue. «Relief». The Book of Modern Stories, edited by James Collins, Modern Publishing House, 2022, pp. 56-70.

Example of in-text option:

(Johns 60)

Simple Case: MLA Citation Book One Author Solely

The pattern of MLA citation book one author generally comprises the following details:

  • surname and given name of a writer;
  • title of a target resource (italicized);
  • title of a publisher;
  • date of publication.

For the in-text option, the pattern is simpler – the surname of a writer and the number of a page has to be introduced in round brackets.

A book with one author MLA citation example can be illustrated:

Simons, John. One Journey. Book Stores Publishing, 2022.

The in-text option will be introduced respectively:

(Simons 28)

What If in Text Citation Book MLA no Author

If the target resource lacks the info about its author, avoid using Anonymous instead. You should always start the respective reference with the title of a target resource and adhere to the standard pattern. An in-text citation book MLA no author should be based on the brief title of a target resource.

In text citation MLA example book no author should appear:

Example of the entire title: The Story of the Universe

Example of the brief title: Universe

If we consider reference, the pattern remains without changes in all aspects.

What If You Have MLA In text Citation Different Book Same Author?

It happens that a content maker has to arrange MLA in text citation different book same author. If цу consider in-text options, that pattern remains without changes. But, if цу speak about the reference list, one peculiarity exists. When a certain author is introduced in this list for the first time, the order for arranging all particulars remains unchanged. However, the next work that originates from the same author should contain (—) instead of his/her name. All resources prepared by one author are alphabetized based on the titles provided.

Simple MLA In text Citation with Book and Date

If you are aimed at arranging an MLA in text citation with Book and Date, it is an easy task to accomplish. Finalize this option indicating a year or date in date-month-year format.

How to Arrange MLA Book Citation No Date?

The solution is easy – skip the considered detail. Replace the publication date thanks to completing your MLA book citation no date with the date when you have accessed this source in day-month-year format – Accessed 18 May 2022.

Rules for E book In text Citation MLA

The approach for an e book in text citation MLA varies depending on the mode of access to a target source. If this resource has been placed online and you accessed it in this way, there is a list of details that have to be introduced:

  • surname and given name of an author;
  • title of a target resource;
  • title of a publisher;
  • year of publication;
  • title of database or web resource where it was reviewed;
  • URL/DOI.


Johns, Simon. General Rules of Problem Solving. New Publishing House Online Library.

If you lack the info about pages, arrange a target MLA in-text citation of an e-book with no page of an e book numbers indicating chapter or section, for instance. 


(Johns, ch.7)

Rules for MLA Citation Book with Author and Editor

If you have a task to arrange an MLA citation book with author and editor simultaneously, the scope and order of details will be subsequent:

  • surname and given name of a writer;
  • title of a book;
  • «edited by»…surname and given name of an editor;
  • title of a publisher;
  • year of target publication.


Johns, Linda. Types of Cultures. Edited by Poles, Richard, Modern Publishing House, 2022, pp. 138-170.

For an MLA citation edited book, the scope of particulars will be slightly different:

  • surname and given name of an author;
  • title of a target resource;
  • number of an edited version;
  • title of a publisher;
  • year of target publication.


Johns, Linda. Basics of Cultural Analysis. 4th ed., Modern Publishing House, 2022, pp. 120-150.

Why Proper Citation Is Essential: Preventing Duplicates

During the writing work, it is strongly required to find lots of credible info on the subject. Reviewing those comprehensively is required to form independent conclusions. Still, it is also necessary to make appropriate references in a text to all sources utilized. Otherwise, that will be plagiarism. This is a formal but very important demand to prevent plagiarizing content from other sources. Missing even one citation can cause severe problems. Missing some important formatting details is a less serious omission. But, still, all of these problems can be prevented.

Helpful Tool – MLA Book Citation Generator

Arranging all citations right and properly is a time-consuming task that needs lots of attention. Any manual is a huge book with lots of rules and aspects to follow. Is it easy to lose some important points while trying to accomplish this task? It is a more than easy thing, and it is proven by the cases of many students and researchers. Luckily, it is possible to prevent missing any important details thanks to automated tools, like the MLA book citation generator.

This tool works simply and effectively. You need to pick the right source that has to be cited and insert all must-have details in relevant fields. The rest of the arrangements will make this tool. Later, you will need to check all citations obtained and edit those if you wish. Thanks to this tool you will also prevent any type of plagiarism, even unintentional. Apply book MLA citation maker to make your research and writing easier and more accurate.