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Brief Guide to APSA Website Citation Format

Students worldwide are aware of and work more with well-known format standards such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and others. APSA style (created by the American Political Science Association) is not so widespread. In this article, you will find out the basics of this formatting standard and also helpful solutions you can take and use to make your writing in Political Science more effective.

APSA Citation Website Essentials to Know

APSA citation website format standard is a variation of the Chicago style with few peculiarities adapted to the needs of writing papers in Political Science. Any type of info resource you discover online is considered to be a web source. And if you use it, a citation should be appropriate. This can be any government-related docs, reports, statistical information, and other sources placed online.

If you use this type of source, you have to cite it properly and indicate the next details:

  • organization title or the name of an author;
  • year of publication for a cited source;
  • the title indicated in quotation marks;
  • URL you used to access the source and other viewers can use also;
  • access date.

Be attentive to the updates of sources placed. The latest date is usually indicated at the bottom of the webpage you are going to cite. Take the last one always.

Some Details from APSA Citation Guide Website

APSA citation guide website is extensive, in fact, and covers all possible citation cases, like websites, blog posts, social media posts, and other web resources. Here you may get the most widespread citation cases:

1.APSA style website citation with an author.

The logic of citation in this template is the next one:

  • surname and first name of an author;
  • year of publication;
  • title of an article you cite in quotation marks;
  • website URL;
  • access date (most recent).

Example of reference:

John White. 2022. “Urgent Measures to Prevent Air Pollution in Asia Region.” Scientific Journal. (accessed 29 March 2022).

In-text: (White 2022).

2.APSA citation example website with specific URL.

If you need to cite a concrete part of the URL of the website you have for reference, the information you provide has to include:

  • name of an author (if any) or the title of the website;
  • year of publication;
  • title of a cited source in quotation marks;
  • URL;
  • most recent access date.

Example of reference that has to be made in text:

Daily Scientific. 2022. “New York. NY Air Pollution Indicators.” (accessed March 29, 2022).

Reference to be made in text:

(Daily Scientific 2022).

Specific Case #1: APSA Website Citation with No Date

If you need to arrange an APSA website citation with no date, this endeavor can be accomplished according to this logic of citation:

  • name of author(s), or (if any) editor(s), or translator(s);
  • year of publication.

Inserting a comma is not necessary before the year of publication.

Specific Case #2: APSA in Text Citation Website no Author

If you need to arrange APSA in text citation website no author presented, this can be accomplished according to the following logic of citation:

  • title of the resource you cite;
  • year.

Reference should additionally provide the next details:

  • URL;
  • access date in parenthesis (month, day, year).

Helpful Solution – APSA Website Citation Generator

If you have lost among all details and demands on how to arrange a citation website in APSA format, the APSA website citation generator is the right solution in this case. It is an automated tool that operates with all demands applicable to this format and arranges all information placed by a user according to these rules. You can cite any type of site, book, article, and other sources using this tool. Use it to facilitate life and writing efforts tremendously.