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Bluebook Citation Website: We Know the Most Helpful Tool for Legal Students

It is absolutely not surprising that law papers are considered to be the most difficult ones. Students can spend hours trying to come up with a decent research paper, case, dissertation, essay, and so on. Besides, such content usually includes numerous citations, which are necessary to help readers quickly access a specific source (and a specific page) and find information that supports your claims. 

The bad news is that you need to format all these citations appropriately, and your paper should look standardized if you want it to be published in a legal magazine. Besides, formatting mistakes might really affect your academic performance. Some students even believe that their professors take more care of the academic formatting than of the legal content as it should be. 

So, what is the Bluebook citation website, and when should you use it?

Bluebook Citation Website Meaning

All colleges require students to include citations for anything they use from all types of authorities. Whatever facts, ideas, concepts, or opinions you gather from cases, rules, constitutions, articles, etc., you need to give credit. You should follow a Bluebook style manual to meet all the requirements and format your paper appropriately.

Bluebook website citation should be applied when you utilize information taken only. Whatever websites you use, you should list them in your paper, and you can’t avoid this rule unless you’re ready that your document will be considered plagiarism. We don’t need to tell you that this thing can ruin your career, as your student paper should be completely original. And when you cite someone else’s ideas and concepts without giving credits, you plagiarize.

How to Cite a Website Bluebook Citation?

When you need to cite Bluebook citation of a website, you can follow this template:

  • the forename of the author;
  • the surname of the author;
  • title;
  • (year published);
  • website URL;
  • the date of the last visit.

Please use this template just for review, as you need to be well-aware of the full guide to understand the context and the specifics of your paper.

Bluebook Website Citation Example

According to the Bluebook website citation format mentioned, your citation will look as follows:

This is my citation, for example. A Peterson, book for Example (1987), (last visited May 9, 2013).

Bluebook Website Citation Conclusion: What Else You Need to Know

Obviously, it is impossible to describe all the style’s features in one article. You should also learn about the Bluebook citation website no author, citing rules for court cases, dictionary entries, e-books, or PDF files. There are also many nuances related to websites specifically, such as Bluebook footnote website citation. Many students also use our generator to deal with Bluebook citation for website multiple authors. The point is that your paper should be just flawless, and there is no need to proofread your content with a keen eye when you can rely on artificial intelligence. So, let us tell you more about this tool.

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