How to Cite a Podcast and Make Your Paper Different with It


Podcasts offer so many entertainment opportunities. Still, they can also appear like a valuable source of information for various researches and papers. Very often, specialists and professors share their opinions in podcasts earlier than expressing such in books. These audio posts frequently create a room for discussion. In any case, when you use a podcast, ensure that you cite it properly in line with the requirements of certain styles for citation you should use. Here, we will reveal to you how to cite a podcast according to each of them.

If you intend to cite a podcast, include certain details in any case:

  • full name or username of a person who has narrated this recording / the name or username of the company that has placed info;
  • title of this target podcast;
  • title of a concrete episode you refer to;
  • title of the resource where the recording was placed;
  • date of publishing of this podcast;
  • URL.

Find this info to ensure your compliance with any style. Let’s start with the most common styles.

How to Cite a Podcast in MLA Correctly

To cite a podcast according to the MLA format, indicate the following details:

  1. Last and first name of a person who has posted this recording/name of the entity that has placed it / username.
  2. “Title of the cited episode of recording”.
  3. Title of the cited recording.
  4. Title of the place of publishing (if it differs from the author or title).
  5. Date when it has been placed.
  6. Url. 

To help you, here is one example of how to cite a podcast in MLA:

Richards, Alison, host. “Create a Good Writing Page Shortly”. Writing Stories, NGR, 12 Mar. 2020. create-good-article-shortly.

You may rely on this example for citing a podcast in texts. 

How to Cite a Podcast in APA Clearly

If you require applying the APA format, here is how to cite a podcast in APA:

  1. The last and the first names of a person who has posted this recording (its contributor).
  2. Date of placement.
  3. Title of the part of the cited recording (if any).
  4. The phrase “”.
  5. The phrase “retrieved from”.
  6. Link. 

This is one example of APA citation for a podcast:

Richards, A. (Host). (2020, March 12). Create a Good Article Shortly [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

How Does the Correct Chicago Citation for a Podcast Look Like? 

For Chicago citation for a podcast, indicate these details and check their order:

  1. Last and first name of the creator of recording.
  2. “title of the episode of recording cited”.
  3. The phrase “title of recording”.
  4. The phrase “podcast audio”.
  5. Date (month, date, and year of placement).
  6. Link.

You may create your citations by following this sample:

Richards, Alison. “How to Create a Good Writing Page Shortly”. Writing edition. Podcast audio, March 12, 2020.

For checking yourself, we suggest you using citation generators.