How To Cite Youtube Videos To Make Your Papers More Interesting


Of course, YouTube channels can bring a lot of useful information. Frequently, interesting and new samples are placed here even before publishing. Here you will find a lot of information on how to cite Youtube videos in any content.

How to Reference a YouTube Video

Most YouTube videos surely have useful comments. Here is a way for making reference to a YouTube video in this case:

  1. The commenter’s last name and first initial/username.
  2. Date of publishing.
  3. Heading of the referred comment or up to its 20 first words.
  4. [Comment on “Title of the Cited Recording”].
  5. The word “YouTube”.
  6. Link.

Basic Things to Mention When You Cite YouTube Video

So, if you want to cite a YouTube video, definitely indicate this list of information:

  1. Username or full name of person/name of the company who has placed it.
  2. Title of your target recording.
  3. YouTube name.
  4. Info about a person/entity who has placed this recording.
  5. Date of placement (month, date, year).
  6. Length of the target video recording.
  7. Link.

These details also should be included by default when you cite a YouTube video. Still, the applied citation format additionally obviously determines the necessity to review peculiarities of citing YouTube resources.

How to Cite a YouTube Video in Chicago Style Correctly

Still, if you have obvious doubts about how to cite a YouTube video in Chicago style, we have this sample of structure:

  1. Last and first names of the person/company that has placed a recording.
  2. “Title of YouTube Recording”.
  3. The phrase “YouTube video”.
  4. Length of this video.
  5. Date of publishing.
  6. Link.

To be more specific, here is an example of how to cite a YouTube video in Chicago format:

WritingCourse. “The Style of Writing and Recommendations.” YouTube video, 20:10. September 12, 2020.

Citing a YouTube video in MLA Style

Citing a YouTube video in MLA definitely requires the application of this scheme:

  1. Username /last and first names of the person/company that has placed this recording.
  2. “Title of the YouTube Recording”.
  3. The word “YouTube” (Title of the Website).
  4. Title of the publisher (if it is different from the author’s name).
  5. Date of publishing.
  6. Link.

We suggest you this verified example of citing a YouTube video: 

WritingCourse. “The Tone of Writing and Main Recommendations.” YouTube, 20 Mar. 2019.

About Citing YouTube Video in APA style

For citing a YouTube video in APA, surely specify such details:

  1. YouTube account /last and first names of the uploader of recording.
  2. Title of the YouTube channel.
  3. Date of placement.
  4. Title of the Cited YouTube Recording.
  5. The word “[Video]”.
  6. The word “YouTube”.
  7. Link.

So, YouTube citations in APA should appear in a manner like this one:

WritingCourse. (2020, September 17). The Writing Tips: Lesson #1 [Video]. YouTube.

Still, if you have certain doubts or are limited in time, YouTube citation generators will provide you real help. Definitely, there are so many such online, and each edition has its followers. Surely, using these tools is more intuitive. They are simple, and you can find on the screen all that you need. Try them only.